Its Effects on Both Side – Deep Discussion from Various Point of Views

What is anonymity? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Is it good or bad? A lot of other questions that are in your mind and you are searching for information and comparison from different angles. Then let’s start the discussion to understand and know the answer of all the above questions.

What is Anonymity?

Anonymity is derived from the Greek word “anonymia? whose meaning is namelessness or having no name. In simple English words, it can be defined as, ?A person who behaves or communicates with others by masking its identity is called anonymous and its activities are called as anonymity?.

What are Anonymity Effects from Positive End?

Anonymity can be good or bad, depending on the conditions and the mentality of an anonymous person.

I would like to highlight its positive points with a quote.

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” –Oscar Wilde

Are you amazed by reading it? I think yes. These words are telling the reality so we cannot ignore it.

I am taking the example of our friends. You have noticed that our friends who keep our company do not say negative words for us but many of them will surely talk about you in a negative manner.

Anonymity is alike to this case. A person or a group of people can speak loudly and freely by masking its identity.

From a historical point of view, US evolution started with an anonymous pamphlet published in 1776.

What are Anonymity Effects from Negative End?

Except for the positive effects, it has many negative effects. It will not be wrong to say that, history tells use its negative effects side is heavier then positive effects side.

Anonymity breaks the limits. Anonymous persons usually are not being tracked by Government, site owner and network providers which might be a security risk.

Anonymous people usually involved in harassment, theft and other criminal acts.

As this is a knowledgeable article, I would like to tell you some security tips which will be helpful to deal with anonymity. Hackers can send an anonymous message and call you without showing their contact number. If you receive a message, call or email without any identity then prefer to respond. You can also block that call so that it will not tease you again.

In harassment case by an anonymous, report it to your Cyber cell or information security department about it.

What is Online Anonymity?

Browsing the internet by masking your identity like IP address, location, and other data is referred to as online anonymity. The positive purpose of online anonymity is to hide identity so that you cannot be watched or harassed by anyone. Online anonymity prevents visiting sites to store your original data. A lot of methods can be used to browse anonymously but a popular one is using VPNs.

Online anonymity negative effects are similar to the previous one. Hacker uses anonymity while attacking his victim. This method provided him security so that Cyber and security forces will not be able to reach him.

Lastly, I did all my effects to make this article as informative as possible. I hope that you liked the content. Now it’s your turn, share valuable information with others.

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