Your Data And Documents Are Safe With Virtual Data Room

The security of sensitive data is something every business owner would like to ensure, but it’s not always that easy. Not all of today’s digital storage solutions have the right level of security to trust them with sensitive company information. However, virtual data rooms are increasingly gaining the trust of many companies around the world because they provide ample security not only for storage but also for sharing documents and conducting various transactions. 

Why do you need a VDR in today’s world?

The global economy is a very volatile phenomenon, all companies have to do is adapt to its conditions. Most recently, the world was shaken by a pandemic and subsequent quarantine that forced thousands of companies to move to remote work. Virtual data rooms have been a unique solution that has helped companies stay up and running thanks to many of their features. The best vendors, such as data room virtuelle, allow you to close deals without any delays remotely as they offer extensive document and user management capabilities, high levels of security, and collaboration tools. 

With a simple interface and automation features, you can significantly speed up all your business transactions and make them more productive, saving not only your time but also your costs. 

Main Features of Virtual Data Room Security

Below we describe the main features of security features of the best VDRs, and the benefits they thus provide to companies:

  • Security Certificates – Any quality VDR provider will provide you with one, or even several, certificates that demonstrate their compliance with international regulations. By doing so, they prove their reliability so that you can upload any level of privacy documents to their space
  • Integrated anti-virus -when you upload documents to the VDR space, all of them are automatically scanned for viruses
  • Encryption features – Encryption protects your data from leakage by encoding the contents of your documents. As such, your data will not be of any value to intruders. Encryption occurs both at rest and during data transmission
  • Double Authentication – it protects the VDR login from unauthorized access and requires additional data from users when logging in
  • Watermarks -mark your documents, thereby marking your property. They can be invisible, and also allow you to see what is being done with the document, thereby preventing leaks
  • Access Time Limits – Set access time limits for documents, after which access is automatically blocked. You can also manually revoke access from users even if the document has already been uploaded to a third party device
  • Detailed permissions – VDR administrator can set up access to the documents, according to which different users can have a different level of access to certain data. You can deny full or partial visibility of the document, as well as prohibit copying, printing, forwarding, downloading, or even screenshots of the document, thereby reducing the risk of data leakage
  • Monitoring features -The administrator can view all the activities that take place inside the room and the documents. This way, he reduces the risk of insider security threats and can stay informed at all times 

In addition to security features, data rooms offer many other benefits that make it easier to organize documents and communicate with potential partners without using external forms of communication. So, with VDRs, you can conduct a wide variety of even large transactions such as M&A, due diligence, IPOs, fundraising, litigation, audits, intellectual property management, and more.

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