Best Apple Arcade games

For the first time, Apple Arcade was presented at the Apple Special Event 2019. It is a discovery in the world of computer games. In this article, we will talk about the Arcade games.

About Apple Arcade service

Apple Arcade is a game service based on a subscription that gives you instant access to a wide range of games available for a monthly fee. The games have been handpicked by Apple and divided into several genres, including family games, puzzle games, sports, RPGs, and strategy games. There is even a category that includes games for “beginners”.

Apple Arcade is not a cloud gaming platform like Google Stadia or Microsoft Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it is more like the Xbox Game Pass system. You download games to your device and play them anytime an unlimited number of times. Games also support cross-saving, so if you switch your progress on one device will instantly be restored on the other.

The service offers over 100 games on different platforms for a monthly fee, with most of the games being new and exclusive. All in-app purchases and downloadable add-ons are included in the fee, and the list of available games is regularly updated, so there will always be fresh games to play.

Top of the most famous Arcade games

Most of the games on the service are story-driven adventures for 2-4 hours each. Basically, these are games that do not require any skills, they are not designed for hardcore players and long game sessions.

So, let`s consider the best options for Arcade games:

  • Tactical action, the main thing which is the correct planning of the battle and the placement of your squad. The not too wide variety of tasks is more than compensated by the replayability of the levels.
  • LEGO Builder’s Journey. A great thing for LEGO fans. In fact – the reincarnation of “Tetris” on a new level. On a small plate, you will have to build amazing structures from the constantly appearing details of the designer.
  • A very original quest – the main task of the player is to “paint” the world, you will have to return all colors to the world that has become black and white. Although the storyline is short, Discolored is constantly offering new solutions and twists.
  • It is one of the best third-person turn-based games in the post-apocalyptic world. The main goal of the “survivalist” is to travel across America, and it will not be easy at all. Playing Overland you have to work out your steps in detail, thinking about further actions in advance.
  • Skate city. Of course, Skate City cannot be called a skateboarder simulator, but you can learn about tricks and the complexity of their implementation. The gameplay is a set of combinations of various gestures, thanks to which tricks are performed.
  • Frogger in toy town. A childish and seemingly simple game will begin to convince players as they become familiar with it. The gameplay is not new, and similar to many other projects in this genre. Nice graphics, physics, and soundtrack will leave a pleasant experience for every Apple Arcade user.
  • Assemble With Care. If you are not chasing realistic graphics and complex gameplay, but are looking for an opportunity to relax and while away the time in games, it is your choice. The project will delight you with a good interactive, musical accompaniment and a simple, but at the same time, entertaining plot.

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