How to Send an Anonymous Text?

Messaging Anonymously

Have you ever thought about texting a person without showing your identity? Maybe no. In this article, you can know about messaging anonymously. The 9 best sites will be recommended for this purpose. Some of them will be only for a specific country while some can be used to message all around the globe.

Texting is the most popular way of communication in this era. You contact with lots of people everyday. Each time, when you send a message to another person your contact number shows. That person can access you using this number. You can have fun with the people who keep your company by sending them anonymous messages.

Before reading this article, I would like to recommend to read the terms and conditions of the site below that you are going to use. Do not use anonymous texting for illegal purposes other you can be tracked by your IP address and may face a legal issue.

Below is a list of websites that can be used to send anonymous messages on mobile numbers.

Send Anonymous SMS

This is the popular website whose purpose is to provide you a platform to send messages by keeping yourself hidden. It is very easy to use which is its main advantage. First of all, enter receiver number and then enter your own number. You can select the country of the receiver. Finally, you will write your message and send it with one click. The message will be delivered within seconds and your name or number will not be shown.


This is another amazing site which can be used to send anonymous messages on mobile numbers. This site allows you to send a message of a maximum of 160 words. Its process is very fast and the method is easy which can be counted as advantages but this site only supports Indian numbers which are its disadvantages.



This is another amazing anonymous texting website. Its main advantage is that it is totally free. You can send as many messages as you want without characters limit.

Its main advantage is that it only supports USA carriers.



This is another amazing site with fast message delivery and sending a text without showing your contact number. You can use this site to send messages in the USA and Canada with this site.



Text for free is a free anonymous messaging website from where you can send messages to others contact number. This website only supports USA carriers.



I think you like this site because it allows sending messages globally. Like the above sites, this website is also free but you have to pay $20 if you want to send bulk messages. Except for SMS, you can also send MMS using this website.



This is another great site. You even do not need to register to use its features. Anyhow, users outside of the USA and Canada cannot use it.



This site allows you to send a message of maximum 500 words. You can use it to send an anonymous text for free.



This site allows you to anonymously texting around the globe. Unlike the above sites, you can save the history of your recent sent message even you can create a phone book to quickly access contacts.


These were 9 best sites to send an anonymous text to anyone for free. Use any of these sites and share your experience with us and other users by commenting below.

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