Best Antivirus for Business

Protecting corporate information with best antivirus for business is a classic procedure that has not lost its relevance either in the light of other threats nor in the light of the gradual shift of the focus of anti-virus vendors from purely targeted solutions only for protection against malware towards comprehensive security.

Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with one of the possible scenarios for using the software selection methodology.

Nevertheless, the choice of antivirus solutions from this did not become more transparent and unambiguous. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with one of the possible scenarios for using the product selection methodology.

Protect your business with the best antiviruses

For comparison, we selected solutions that have received recognition in the IT market and have the ability to protect corporate networks with a different number of users, as well as capable of providing a defense of server versions of operating systems. In this review, antiviruses are listed and reviewed in alphabetical order.

  • Web Enterprise Suite
  • Eset Nod32 Business Edition
  • Kaspersky Business Space Security
  • Outpost network security
  • Panda Security for Business (with Exchange)
  • Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition

All well-known companies that carry out a test comparison of antiviruses are very specific to the choice of programs, as well as to methods for assessing the results.

According to the tests, it should be noted that the most frequent prizes were received by Kaspersky and Symantec products; they also have in their program portfolio a wide range of programs for protecting various platforms.

Dr.Web and Outpost solutions participate in an extremely small number of tests, which makes it difficult to adequately evaluate and compare them with other solutions presented.

Eset and Panda products often seriously overtook the leaders of today’s review in some specialized protection options – this is worth paying attention to, since such a choice may turn out to be relevant in terms of refusing additional software.

Additional product selection criteria

It should be noted that the choice of anti-virus protection depends on what needs to be protected.

On the one hand, the company does not need to pay for a multi-user solution that provides protection for several platforms, if it is supposed to protect a small company, and it’s a completely different matter if the company is protected, which has significant growth prospects and involves expanding the business, providing new services, which means it will need protection new information highways and data banks. That is, it is necessary to choose protective solutions taking into account the expected life cycle of the company.

Before choosing a provider of antivirus solutions, it is necessary to evaluate the direction of the company’s development (perhaps order an expert assessment) – is it intended to protect only Windows-based workstations and servers, or is it planned to introduce Linux-based products (file servers, etc.)

So, the broadest support in terms of various software platforms and functional solutions is offered by companies such as Dr.Web, Kaspersky and Symantec, while the latest corporation has a wide range of separate solutions for performing the backup procedure (including using cloud services) ), as well as tuning operating systems from the Windows line.