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Plastic Small Dog Houses

From the very moment of its invention, plastic instantly “entered” into our lives. This material is so versatile that it is widely used in various fields of human life. Thanks to special additives, plastic products acquire the necessary useful properties that are optimal for certain operating conditions.

Currently, even among pet owners and dogs in particular small pet houses outdoors of plastic are very popular. For those who wish to buy a box made of plastic, but doubts the correctness of their choice, we will try to cover this issue as open and accessible as possible.

Pros and cons of plastic houses

 Houses made of plastic have their advantages and disadvantages. When a potential buyer nurtures the idea of ​​acquiring such a house, he often asks questions regarding the options for its installation, operating conditions, and transportation. To find useful answers it is not necessary to shovel a bunch of sites on the Internet. To do this, just look at your pet, pay attention to its nature and habits.

For example, if you have a guard breed dog, which, according to the duties of your duties, should be outside year-round, then the best option for her would be to stay in a classic wooden booth with a vestibule or aviary. If you have a dog of the room “manual” breed, which is primarily your friend and companion, then the house made of plastic is suitable for her comfortable living in an apartment or the country as well as possible. Also, you can install such a dog house in an aviary.

Advantages of plastic houses

The most obvious advantages of plastic houses are ease of assembly, mobility, and ease of maintenance. Often companies specializing in the manufacture and sale of plastic dog apartments use hypoallergenic materials in their manufacture, which do not fade in the sun and do not have a sharp chemical smell.

Thanks to detailed instructions for assembling a plastic dog house, even a child can cope with its installation. Since the plastic structure has a rather small weight, you can move it around the garden plot anywhere.

Such houses are easily installed both in a city apartment and on a personal plot so that the dog does not have to get used to change the situation. Because a plastic dog house can be disassembled and assembled as a designer, ease is achieved in the implementation of preventive cleaning of a berth, ceiling, and walls. Another positive quality of plastic houses can be called the resistance of bright plastic surfaces to burnout. The rich and rich colors added to the plastic help the dog house become a real decoration of your apartment or garden.

Disadvantages of houses made of plastic

 Despite the mass of obvious advantages, plastic dog houses have several drawbacks. The negative aspects of this type of dog housing include its unsuitability for the year-round living of a pet. With the onset of winter frosts, plastic becomes brittle, and its sharp fragments can injure the dog.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that if a dog likes to nibble his booth, then he too can get hurt. Also, in a plastic booth in the summer it’s quite stuffy, while a wooden dog house maintains a useful microclimate, and the volatile substances released by coniferous wood repel harmful insects and parasites. Based on this, a plastic booth should be washed and ventilated more often.